Why a termite company might not eliminate an infestation

Hiring a termite company is usually the first step to rid your home of those pesky and destructive termites. However, not all termite companies do good work.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the infestation might persist.

Inadequate inspection

An important aspect of termite control is a thorough inspection of the affected area. In some cases, termite companies may not conduct a comprehensive inspection, missing key areas where termites are active. This oversight can result in the continued growth of the infestation, making it difficult to eradicate the problem.

Incorrect identification

Termites come in different types and species such as formosan,  drywood, dampwood and eastern subterranea, each with unique characteristics and behaviors. A common mistake termite companies make is misidentifying the termite species infesting a property. The wrong treatment methods can be ineffective, allowing the infestation to persist and potentially worsen.

Ineffective treatment

The success of termite control heavily depends on the treatment method. Some companies may opt for less effective or outdated treatments that do not provide a long-term solution. For example, relying solely on surface sprays or bait stations without addressing the root of the problem can allow termites to persist.

Hidden colonies

Termites are experts at building intricate colonies, often with multiple entry points. A single visible colony might be just the tip of the iceberg, with hidden colonies deep within your property’s structure. If a termite company fails to identify and treat all the colonies, the infestation will continue.  Also, some chemicals are repellants, and if the home is not fully treated at the time of the infestation, the termites could simply relocate to another part of the house.

Resistance to chemicals

Over time, some termite populations develop resistance to certain chemical treatments. If a termite company uses these chemicals, it can lead to treatment failure, as the termites become less responsive to the treatment.

Lack of follow-up

Termite control often requires regular follow-up inspections and maintenance to ensure long-term success. Some termite companies may neglect this step, allowing termites to rebound and continue damaging your property.

Termite companies should always prioritize thorough inspections, accurate identification and effective treatment methods. Knowledgeable companies aim to educate homeowners about termite prevention and the signs of infestations. They provide guidance on how to protect their property and reduce the risk of future termite problems.

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