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When you bought your home, you probably paid for or received a termite inspection, which is known as a Wood Infestation Inspection Report. You may also have contracted with a termite company to inspect and treat your home, and to make any necessary repairs as a result of an infestation. If termites are still in your home or termites have caused damage, and your termite company fails to honor its obligations, you want a lawyer who knows how to help you get full and fair compensation for your losses.

At The Mims Firm, P.C., we have protected the rights of homeowners in termite litigation from our Mobile office since 1985. We take great pride in offering a friendly and accessible environment for our clients, while still aggressively protecting your interests in litigation. Our history of excellent customer support and successful outcomes has led to many clients referring new cases to us.

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Don’t Tackle A Termite Dispute Without Experienced Legal Representation

When you purchase a house in Alabama, you should receive a wood infestation inspection report. This report is designed to reflect any active or previous signs of a termite infestation, based on a thorough inspection by a qualified inspector. Many of the claims we handle result from a failure to properly inspect the property prior to the time of sale, or the failure to adequately disclose the infestation. Purchasers regularly depend on the truthfulness of these reports, only to find out later that all required information was not provided to them prior to closing on the home.

We will also represent homeowners against termite companies who commit negligent or fraudulent acts. These may not only include false and misleading wood infestation reports, but may also include the failure to properly treat an infested home and the failure to properly perform annual inspections.

If you suffered significant termite damage to your home, we know what to do. We will fight to collect all the damages due you. The compensation we recover can help cover property damage, costs of repairs, mental anguish, and devaluation of your property. You may also be able to receive punitive damages if there was willful fraud or recklessness.

Southern Alabama Frequently Asked Questions On Termite Damage Claims

Consumers rely on pest control for truthful, regulated termite prevention. However, deceptive services can expose homes to severe damage. If you have questions about legal strategies for compensation, here are some answers:

How do you negotiate termite damage?

Negotiating termite damage requires knowledge, preparation and tact. Here’s a quick Alabama guide:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection and obtain repair estimates.
  • Research local property disclosure laws and request the seller to make repairs or provide compensation.
  • Negotiate a purchase price reduction based on the severity of the damage.
  • Consider a termite bond for ongoing protection.
  • Clearly outline terms in the purchase agreement and, if needed, consult with a real estate attorney for guidance on legal aspects.

Attorney guidance is key to getting to a fair resolution with the seller.

Is a house with termite damage worth buying?

Whether a house with termite damage is worth buying depends on various factors, including the extent of the damage, the cost of repairs and your risk tolerance. If the damage is minor and easily addressed, the purchase might still be worthwhile, especially if the property is priced accordingly.

However, significant termite damage can lead to structural issues and costly repairs, making the investment less attractive. Before you decide, conduct a thorough inspection, obtain repair estimates and consider negotiating with the seller. It’s important to weigh the potential expenses against the overall value and condition of the property.

Can a termite-infested house be saved?

In most cases, yes, a termite-infested house in Alabama can be saved, even with significant damage. However, the feasibility and cost depend on the extent of the damage, the type of the termite and the timeliness of action.

Is termite damage a deal breaker?

Whether termite damage is a deal breaker depends on its severity, repair costs and buyer’s risk tolerance. Minor damage may not be a deal-breaker, but extensive structural issues can deter investment. Thorough inspections, repair estimates and negotiation are vital for informed decisions.

Experienced Litigation Attorneys In Your Corner

If you have suffered damage due to termite infestation, we will get a full inspection of your home by qualified experts. This will allow us to determine the scope of the needed repairs and how much it will cost, as well as what deficiencies exist in the treatment. We will then take on the termite company. We have been representing clients who have been the victim of their pest control companies for over 25 years, and we know the law on termites. We are your local south Alabama termite lawyers.

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