Examples of termite company fraud

When you hire a termite company, you place a lot of trust in their expertise to protect one of your most valuable assets: your home. Termite damage can be severe, so it is important to have a reliable company to inspect and treat your property.

However, not all termite companies operate with integrity. Some may engage in fraudulent activities that can cost you money and leave your property vulnerable to infestations. In fact, Alabama courts ruled that one major termite company must pay a $60 million settlement due to fraud in 2020. Being aware of these potential scams can help you avoid falling prey to their schemes.

Failure to report damage and or activity

Many termite companies fail to report the existence of termite damage, both before and after the sale.  This often happens when a Wood Infestation Inspection report is being issued, and the termite companies are hired by the Seller.


Failure to Treat

Chemicals cost money, and termite companies often fail to comply with the chemical labels regarding use of the chemicals, and also fail to perform a minimum required treatment, despite the fact that the contract, the label, and Alabama law  requires it often requires it.  The problem is that they never tell you this, and as a result an infestation becomes worse because you do not know your home has not received the preventative treatment you deserve.


Forging inspection reports

Some deceitful termite companies might forge inspection reports, claiming your property has been inspected when it hasn’t and that it is free of termites when they have not performed a thorough inspection. This false sense of security could lead to undetected damage over time.

By knowing what to watch for, you can choose a reputable termite company that will give you honest service and peace of mind.  Be sure to insist on a chemical treatment and a repair contract.

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