3 signs your home has termites

It is not easy to identify termites in your home until the problem is severe. However, if you spot certain signs, it can help you to take a deeper look. This is especially true if you have had termite issues in the past. You want to catch any re-infestation as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage to your home in Alabama. 

How Stuff Works explains there are three main signs of termites. If you spot even one of these signs, you need to move fast to get the problem taken care of and to stop these pests from causing further damage.

1. Tubes

Since termites are weak insects, they build tubes throughout the wood they infest to strengthen it and make it safe for them to pass through. You may notice the tubes because they look like brown straws. If you remove a tube and a few days later there is a new one in its place, then you know you have an active termite situation.

2. Swarms

Young termites will leave their nest to go build their own nests. When they do this, you will see them flying around. They look similar to ants with wings. You may see them as they are flying or you may see signs of a swarm around your home.

3. Hollow wood

If you have suspicions about termites, you may want to knock on wood in the area. If it sounds hollow, this could indicate a problem. The sound is much different from a solid piece of wood, so you should not have troubles identifying a hollow area. 

By the time you see actual wood damage in your home, the infestation is severe. It is best if you can spot issues early on to prevent serious damage and get treatment in place to remove them from your home. If the issue is a previous problem that a pest removal professional did not treat properly, you need to take steps to fix that situation and re-treat your home. 

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