Old termite damage may still be a problem

When you discover termite damage in your home in Alabama, you may wonder if it is recent or if it is from an old termite infestation long ago. A recent termite infestation is sometimes easier to notice. But older, less recent termite damage is not always as apparent when purchasing a home. At The Mims Firm, P.C., we have helped many homeowners with termite damage.

If your home has termite activity, you may notice a few characteristic clues left behind by subterranean termites. First, you will likely see winged insects around or near your home. Termites may also leave behind shed wings on windowsills or near water access points. Homeowners may also spot termite droppings, or frass, in different areas of the home. Small mud tubes are also a sign of termites. If you break apart a tube and see insects crawling inside, then you have an active infestation.

An old termite infestation may not have the active signs, but it still may leave your home with serious damage. Small holes in the wood of your floors, windows, doors and other parts of your home may indicate a previous termite problem. Buckling paint, hollow spaces in the wood, ripples in the wall or damage to wood could also be a clue that your home had termites at some point. This type of damage could lead to serious structural problems or big repair costs.  In addition, just because you do not see live termites or just because the damage may be old does not necessarily mean that your Termite company is not responsible for the damage.  In Alabama, if  the home is sold through a Realtor, Sellers will normally be provided with a “Seller’s Disclosure Statement, which, if answered truthfully, should disclose any previous termite damage. Damage from a termite problem decades ago can still give the current homeowner a host of issues today. If you want to know more about this topic, explore our webpage.

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