Can you break your lease due to termites?

Alabama residents like you want to live in a nice, clean space. Unfortunately, pests often make a livable space into one you do not want to be around. Having to deal with termites makes it difficult or impossible to live in your home. Because of that, you may want to break the lease and leave. 

But is that possible? Can you break your lease just because of termite damage or the presence of an infestation? 

How termites can hurt you

The College of Agricultural, Food and Environment discusses damages termites can cause. Termites cost the U.S. billions of dollars a year in damages. Termites can render an entire housing unit unsuitable for habitation. 

There are some emergency situations in which you may legally break your lease. Otherwise, it is a binding document that you cannot go against without penalty. One of these situations is when the residence becomes uninhabitable. Another is if there is an early termination clause in the lease itself. Yet another is if the landlord breaks terms first. 

Dealing with uninhabitable living quarters

In other words, whether you can break the lease depends on your unique situation. You must show the termites have made your living quarters uninhabitable. This means they have a significant impact on your ability to make use of, or live in, your rental property. 

Before breaking the lease, you must also contact your landlord and explain the problem. This gives them the chance to rectify the situation before you have to resort to breaking the lease. But if you contact them and they refuse to handle the problem, you can proceed. 

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