Does a seller have to disclose termite damage?

The process of buying a home in Alabama may not be the simplest or shortest thing you have ever done. However, your vigilance throughout the process may prevent you from ending up with a home full of problems such as an unseen termite infestation.

While you may expect property sellers to practice honesty and integrity in advertising their property, your own attention may greatly lessen your risk of ending up with something you are unhappy with.

Assessing property damages

There are many different underlying conditions that have the likelihood of creating major problems when you move in. Structural defects, mold, poorly maintained plumbing and termites are just some of the issues you may encounter. Termite damage specifically, may impact the integrity of your property and significantly weaken the structural components of your home. Researching to know the signs of termite damage may help you to recognize danger before it is too late.

Disclosing termite damage

According to the Alabama Real Estate Commission, only those defects which may impact your safety or health require disclosure in the state of Alabama. However, legally, sellers must disclose any defects to you if you ask. Even if you doubt there is anything amiss with the property under consideration, practicing due diligence may save you a lot of disappointment in the future. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the history of the home, as well as proof of termite treatments if termites were previously an issue. Additionally, request an independent inspection from a qualified company of your choice to verify that the claims your seller is making are truthful.

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