Warmer weather uncovers winged termites and their damage

Spring cleaning may uncover an unpleasant surprise. As a homeowner moves unused chopped wood from winter to storage or recycling, he or she may find evidence of winged termites known as “swarmers.”

Young termites have wings, and their primary motive is to reproduce and start several new colonies, as noted by USA Today. When the warm weather starts, winged termites leave their hidden or underground nests in search of a mate. Finding their discarded wings on the ground generally means they have already found one and have begun to reproduce.

Finding infestations by nest location

Termites typically build nests out of soil mounds, and they feed off wood products, including paper. When finding nests outside or in piles of wood, it generally means that termites have not yet come inside the house. Discovering nests along a property’s foundation, however, may indicate that termites have already come into the home.

Determining if damage has occurred

After discovering a nest, the next step is determining whether termites have caused any damage to a property. Finding swarms of winged termites inside the house means they have colonized and may have begun feeding off structural wood. Checking baseboards and walls for holes or a hollow sound may help indicate if a home needs a remedial treatment.

Filing a legal action for negligence

When a homeowner purchases a termite-control contract, he or she reasonably expects not to discover termites at all. As reported by WSFA 12 News, pest control companies in Alabama must first inspect a property to ensure termites have not come inside.

If clear, then the company may provide a series of preventive treatments based on its contract’s terms. If a company failed in discovering termites, however, it may face liability for damages caused by termites it should have previously found.

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