The seller failed to disclose termite infestation; now what?

You recently bought your dream home in beautiful Mobile, Alabama. You love the layout and the friendly neighbors. Unfortunately, a termite infestation has turned your dream home into a nightmare.

Termites can announce their presence in several ways. You may see exit holes in sheetrock, see buckling beneath paint on trim. You may notice Termite tubes that look like dirt appearing on walls or other areas, or what looks like sawdust on the floor. You may also see areas that look like tunneling on wood.

Get the problem treated

Once you know you have a problem, the first step is to eradicate the termites and repair the harm they have done. Termites often cause structural damage, so it is crucial to address the issue as soon as possible. Thoroughly ridding your house of the pests usually requires a professional.  We do not recommend attempting to treat your home yourself without the aid of a competent professional.

When the termites are gone, assess the damage. You may not see all the destruction at first. Evaluate the lumber in hidden areas. Replace all damaged and rotted wood. It is important that your Termite Company inspect the property thoroughly before walls are opened up and repairs are made.

Seek repayment for remediation

Alabama law only mandates that a seller notify buyers about conditions that present a health hazard. For example, sellers must alert you about the presence of asbestos. Sellers are not generally required to inform you about a termite infestation unless you ask. The law does require that sellers truthfully answer any questions asked. Therefore, if you inquired about termite issues, and the seller did not answer honestly, the seller may be guilty of misrepresentation or fraud. Be sure to insist on the Seller signing a Seller’s disclosure statement prior to closing and review it carefully.  Also, review your purchase agreement and comply with any deadlines that may be included in it which require you to notify a Seller that you are not closing within a certain time frame.

You should not need to pay for someone else’s dishonesty. If you feel your seller acted improperly, get the law on your side.

Pursue compensation for all issues

Termites sometimes destroy more than wood. Discovering a serious problem in your home may affect your peace of mind. Termites can cause anxiety for other family members as well. A judge or jury may award damages for emotional and mental distress. Courts can also award punitive damages in cases of fraud or recklessness.

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