What contributes to a termite infestation?

You have lived in your new Alabama home for a little while and have gotten settled. Recently, you have noticed what looks like evidence of termites in your property.  You suspect that the seller may have failed to disclose the issue, or maybe the termite company hired to deal with the problem only took half measures or failed to report the condition on the Wood Infestation Inspection Report that you received at closing. Either way, you want the termites eradicated as soon as possible.

Certain conditions at the home may contribute to an increased likelihood of a termite infestation.

Wood touching your home

For this means of infestation, think beyond firewood touching your home. Termites may also enter your home if you have lush shrubs and mulch positioned too close to your home. When you  buy a home, or even after you  purchase it, you should insure that wood does not actually touch the ground.  For example, if you home has a crawl space, it may have lattice work which is made of wood that is touching the home and the soil.  This can provide an opportunity for termites to come up from the soil and travel into your home.  At the time of the initial treatment, your termite company should remove any wood to earth contact as a part of the minimum required treatment.

Moist environment 

Moisture can attract termites.  Before purchasing  the home, go through your home to check for leaky pipes, insufficient airflow and poor drainage. Each can lead to a buildup of moisture or humidity in your home, creating an open door for termites.

Compromised building exterior 

If your home is built on a slab, have a professional look for cracks in your home’s exterior or foundation can that serve as an entry point for termites. You should also look for areas where wood rot may appear on the home prior to purchasing the home.  Wood rot is an indicator of water issues, which can contribute to a termite infestation.

When you are preparing to purchase a home, it is important to inspect the home thoroughly, or have a qualified professional inspect it for you, to make sure you are not purchasing a home that has conditions that are conducive to termites.

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