Residents who live in Alabama know that they live in a part of the country where natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding may happen. This means it is important for them to have proper homeowners’ insurance coverage to help them in the event that their homes sustain damage during such events. However, these are not the only things that people should watch out for. Damage to homes by termites is a problem that plagues a great many homes. 

In fact, the pest control company Orkin indicates that termites are the root cause of more damage to homes than any hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or other disasters. Termite damage is also not often able to be paid for via a claim to an insurance company. This explains why getting a termite report from a licensed inspector during a home purchase is so important. 

Home Bay explains that a termite report will often outline two sets of information. One will be referred to as Section 1 and the other as Section 2. Items called out in a Section 1 report area are those that pose the greatest danger to a home and that should be addressed promptly. Any actions on items called out in the Section 2 area may be addressed at the discretion of the homeowner or the buyer. 

A thorough termite report will include a review not only of the main home structure but of its foundation, any fencing and any outbuildings that exist on the property as well. This may include workshops, detached garages or mother-in-law units. The report may identify existing damage or issues that could expose the property to future termite damage.