How to tell if a seller is hiding a termite problem?

If you are buying a home in Alabama, one thing you should be on the lookout for is termite damage. Because the damage caused by termites can be excessive, people will sometimes try to get away with selling homes without paying for the costly repairs.

If you have wound up purchasing a home that has termite damage, you may end up being the one dealing with repairs and the associated bills. The only surefire way to ascertain you are not walking into a trap is to order a pre-home termite inspection. But if you aren’t yet invested in the property, there are ways to tell that someone is hiding termite damage from you without even needing to hire an inspector.

Off limits areas

 Whenever you do a walkthrough of a home, you should be able to go into every part of the building, including the basement. Be wary of someone who says that an area is “not ready to show” or “is under maintenance,” as it could be a sign that the room offers a view of termite damage that the seller would rather you not see.

What lies beneath the surface

 Another trick sneaky sellers use that State Custodians points out is an added coat of paint used to hide the telltale marks of a termite infestation. One way you can tell that paint is intended to cover something up is if there is a new layer of paint covering only one area of the house.

This article is meant to warn you of the ways sellers hide termite damage, and is not meant as legal advice.

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