How fast can termites ruin your home?

If you are shopping for a home in Alabama or have recently purchased one, you will want to make sure the house is not compromised by a present or prior termite infestation. However, it can be difficult to detect if a colony has laid waste to the building’s foundations. Even a few weeks can be enough time for severe damage to occur.

Factors contributing to the acceleration of damage

One thing you can look out for when inspecting a house for possible purchase is something known as wood to ground contact. The more of the house’s wooden foundations, siding, or other structures that are in contact with soil, the more likely it is that termites will be attracted to the home.

Once you do have a termite issue, keep in mind that the greater the ground moisture, the easier it is for a colony to thrive. Any leaks in the home’s roof or walls can result in termites infesting the home. If the home is a crawl space home, be sure to have a qualified inspector inspect the crawl space. You would be surprised at the number of inspections allegedly conducted which do not include a crawl space inspection as required.

One well known expert in the field has stated that the difference between an eastern subterranean termite and a formoson termite is like that difference between a pit bull and a terrier. The formoson termite, which has inundated the Gulf Coast over the last several years, can do more damage to your home in a shorter time than can an eastern subterranean. In addition, formoson termites have the ability to live above ground, and can build nests in your walls.

This is an informative article and should not be used as legal advice.

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