How much does a termite infestation cost to fix?

A termite infestation in your home is nothing to take lightly. Termites can do a wide range of damage, and serious issues often occur in a relatively short period of time. Additionally, termite damage is expensive to remedy, especially when an infestation is ongoing.

According to Home Advisor, costs for treating and preventing termites can be quite exorbitant. Our office has seen termite damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Formosan Termites can also consume wood at a faster rate that eastern subterranean termites. .

Along with expenses related to termite treatments, you’ll also need to pay for any damage that was caused. These costs usually depend on which areas of the home were damaged, and how extensive this damage is. For example, Issues caused to crawl spaces can be extremely expensive.  Our office has seen damage that would require replacement of almost the entire under side of the home..

Keep in mind that damage can occur to your home in a relatively short period of time.  Colonies grow in size massively, and this growth will lead to more and more damage if the issue isn’t properly addressed. Signs of termites include small holes in drywall, which are created by tunneling, or hollow sounding wood when tapped with a hard object. You might also notice peeling paint or dirt trails, which are left behind by subterranean termites.  In addition, you may also notice termite tunnels both on the inside and outside of the home.  Formosan Termites have the ability to build cartonous nests and may live inside the walls.

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