What is the most destructive kind of termite in Alabama?

There are many kinds of termites that attack homes and other structures in various areas. One of the worst is the eastern subterranean termite. This termite is highly destructive to a variety of building timbers used to construct homes in the Alabama area.

The eastern subterranean termite is extremely destructive when it comes to the internal “spring” section of wood. It will leave harder, external, “summer” section of the wood alone while going straight for the softer parts — to swiftly devour them. This results in wood that has had its inner core eaten away. Often, homes with eastern subterranean termite infestations will have the shell of the wood left, with a honey-comb effect on their insides, which will be largely hollow. These termites love dark, moist areas, so if you want to prevent a home from getting infested, keep it as dry as possible.

Formosan Termites can live above ground, often in nests inside your home.  They are much more ferocious than eastern subterranean termites and can cause more damage in less time.  South Alabama is particularly plagued with Formosan Termites. 

Home buyers need to be aware of the dangers of Termites while looking for a new home to purchase. Check closely and hire an expert to ensure that the home isn’t suffering from a termite infestation. Did the home have a problem in the past, and was it resolved? Does the home need to have a termite treatment before you move into it? All of this information will help you make a fair deal on the home purchase.  Make sure that the company that has been hired by the Seller to perform the Wood Infestation Inspection Report is reputable prior to accepting their representations regarding the condition of the home you may purchase.

Unfortunately, some home sellers are not entirely honest — or they are negligent in looking for termites — before they offer and sell a home. If you have purchased a home in the Mobile area that has a termite problem, learn how our law office is available to educate you on your legal rights and options.

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