4 Signs you have termites in your home

Termites are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Termites cost homeowners billions of dollars in property damage each year. It is important to look for common signs of termites, in order to detect them right away and prevent the damage from getting worse. The four most common signs of termites include:

1. Dirt tunnels: Some termites cannot survive in dry air, so they create tunnels to protect themselves. Termites make these tunnels out of dirt, saliva and feces to provide a safe way of travel to and around your home. If you see tunnels around your property, you should call an inspector immediately.

2. Wings: When termites settle in a new location, they shed their wings. If you find wings at entry points to a house, including doors and windows, it can be a likely sign that termites are present.  These types of termites, called Swarmers, most often manifest themselves during April and May of each year, and may be signs of an active infestation.

3: Wood defects: If you notice a hollow sound when you step or tap on wood, it might be a sign that termites are chewing through your home. You might also find piles of sawdust under the areas of wood they are eating through. Sometimes, the wood will even begin to create peaks from the tunnels underneath the floors, ceilings or walls.  You may also see holes in walls and damaged wood on your home.

4. Scent of mildew: In order for termites to survive in dry areas, they need access to water. If a house has water damage, termites can thrive. Not only do termites thrive in wet homes, but they can severely damage the home and cause structural problems. If you notice a smell or sign of mildew or mold, it might be a sign of a water problem which creates a condition that is conducive to Termites.

If you notice you have a termite infestation, call your termite company immediately. If the termite company fails to properly treat and/or repair the damage, but charges you anyway, you can take action against the termite company.  At the Mims Firm, P.C., we know what to do if your home is infested with Termites and your Termite company fails to respond appropriately.

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