Termites can cause severe damage to homes. Homeowners often hire termite eradication companies for help when they discover an infestation. Unfortunately, not all termite companies successfully eradicate the problem.

If you have an ongoing termite issue despite hiring a termite company, you may wonder why some termite treatments fail to begin with and what options exist for you to resolve the issue.

Why do termite treatments fail?

While some termite eradication companies do not have the experience or complete substandard work, there are other reasons why termite treatments may fail even when you hire a reputable company. Some common causes include inadequate treatment, reinfection from neighboring properties and ongoing moisture issues. If the termite company fails to apply the treatment to all of the affected areas, the infestation on your property might continue.

Since termites thrive in moist environments, termite infestation will likely persist unless you address the underlying issue. Finally, even if the termite company you hired successfully eradicates the termite issue in your home and your neighbors still have untreated infestations, your property may quickly be reinfested.

What can you do about it?

If you have ongoing termite damage despite having hired a company, you can take the following steps to tackle the issue head-on:

  • Take photos and videos to document the damage
  • Notify the termite company about the problem
  • Consider hiring an independent inspector to assess the damage
  • Pursue legal action to recover damages

You can hold the termite company accountable for any damages caused by the ongoing infestation if the workers committed fraud, failed to fulfill their contractual obligations to you or were negligent in the treatment of your property.

Dealing with ongoing termite damage can feel frustrating and costly, but options exist to fix the issue and hold the termite company accountable.