Most first-time home buyers are busy thinking about what they want their house to look like rather than fixating on potential problems like termites. However, this is a very real issue that can affect the buyer’s quality of life.

Most home buyers will learn about the significance of termite damage during a home inspection, making it important to know as much as possible about this.

Protective measures from the state

WSFA discusses a homeowner’s legal rights regarding termite control. Because termites are such an all-encompassing problem in Alabama, the state now takes certain responsibilities regarding the protection of homeowners.

The regulations and standards of discovery that exist within the state will vary in certain situations. However, they contain important protective measures.

For example, all pesticide companies in the state must follow regulations set by the Department of Agriculture. They have to provide an initial inspection showing there are no wood-eating insects, and then provide treatment. They also need to provide follow-up treatments.

Doing your due diligence

Sellers only need to disclose health hazards, so buyers are encouraged to do their own research, too. By conducting their due diligence to find pre-existing flaws, any termites can be discovered. Buyers can include terms about inspections in their contracts, and some lenders require reports about termites before lending.

It is important for homebuyers to pull out the stops when ensuring that inspections are done properly, especially regarding termite infestations. This is a rare occasion for most people, so there is no reason not to spend the extra money to make sure a sale goes well.