If you are in the market for a new home, you probably shudder every time you think about the possibility of purchasing a property with a termite infestation. After all, termites can quickly devastate a structure. If you do not spot the problem early, you may be in store for some costly repairs.

Unfortunately, according to Alabama A&M University, termites are rapidly working their way from the humid coastal regions into other parts of the state. If a seller tells you he or she has removed the termites from a property, you should consider the statement to be a red flag.

Where to look

Even though there are countless online resources for removing termites, DIYers often do not know where to look for them. While it can be tempting to treat only places where a person sees active termites or termite damage, termites might be hiding in hard-to-reach places.

How to kill

To eradicate termites, it is critical to kill every last one of them. This can be difficult to do without professional equipment and chemicals. Put simply, if even a single worker termite survives the treatment, the worker can become a queen and begin a new colony.

When to treat

Even though it is possible to eradicate terminates at any time, treatments are more effective when someone applies them at specific times. Moreover, successful eradication often requires multiple treatments. If a DIYer does not commit to and follow a precise schedule, termites can reappear.

While it still may be ok to purchase a home that has gone through DIY termite eradication, you must do so carefully. Ultimately, requiring a comprehensive home inspection that includes a termite review can protect you from making a bad investment.