Most people choose not to accompany their inspectors when they do their inspections, fully believing that they are professionals who will not make mistakes or cut corners.

But what happens if the pest company is actually a scam, or willing to commit fraud? Unfortunately, fraud by pest companies is not uncommon, so it is important to know how to protect oneself.

Long-term contract scams

Angi identifies certain pest control scams that commonly impact people. One major scam involves long-term contracts.

In this type of scam, a company may claim that someone needs multiple treatments in order to get rid of a termite problem, even when this is unnecessary. People may end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to address a concern that does not really exist.

Door-to-door scams

Door-to-door scams are also common. This usually involves someone going around without making appointments and offering to give a home a free inspection to see if they can find any insect damage. In many cases, they will falsely report on problems they find, even if none actually exist.

It is also possible for legitimate companies to commit fraud by having unlicensed workers on staff. In some cases, only one staff member holds a license, and unlicensed members frequently carry out inspections instead despite the fact that all inspections should get carried out by someone with a license.

Anyone facing such fraud can and should consider looking into options for legal action, especially in the event that money and time ended up lost to the schemers.