Termites do a hefty amount of damage to houses throughout the country. Certain types of termites may actually do even more harm than others, on top of that.

What about subterranean termites? Do these pose a significant danger? What happens if they have taken up residence on someone’s property?

Where do they live?

Groundworks points out that Alabama holds fourth place for record levels of termite damage. In particular, subterranean termites cause an estimated $1 billion to $7 billion in damages every year across the United States.

Subterranean termites enjoy warm and damp locations. Despite their name, they can live in any place with these specifications, such as a moist crawl space. They eat the cellulose in wood as well as plant fibers. They can also do significant damage to rubber and plastic as they search for food, and can go through a pound of wood a day.

The importance of proper inspections

It is important to get an inspector in as soon as possible to locate any potential problem areas. Structural damage due to the failure to get an inspection is a situation that everyone should avoid at all costs.

It is also important to get someone who knows what to look for with subterranean termites specifically. Not every inspector has the full range of schooling necessary to properly identify and handle these pests.

It is possible to qualify for compensation in the event that a person gets an inspection done and the inspector failed to identify existing problems or handle them appropriately. They might hold responsibility via their contract, as well as any structural damages that cause a drop in market value.