Dealing with termite infestation and damage is a major issue in Alabama and across the United States. Termite damage costs individuals and companies billions of dollars in damages each year.

As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency has a focus on the control and termination of termites. According to the EPA, the US government works to disseminate information and education about termites.

The EPA and pesticide regulation

One of the biggest roles of the EPA is pesticide regulation. Of course, the EPA regulates all pesticides, not just the ones specifically targeting termites. However, the EPA ensures that termite pesticides are as safe as possible for humans and other animals.

The EPA is specific about the difference between products intended to kill entire termite infestations versus products that only kill termites upon contact. Understanding the difference between these products is paramount when it comes to controlling the termite infestation on your property.

The EPA and termite education

The EPA disseminates information about termite control and extermination to allow consumers to make safe decisions. They act as a source of information about termite infestation and prevention.

In addition to the outreach efforts of the EPA, the US Department of Agriculture is also a wealth of information on termites. In particular, the US Forest Service and the National Invasive Species Information Center focus on termites.

The damage that termite infestation brings to US infrastructure each year means that the federal government takes an active stance on the subject. If you are struggling with a termite infestation, seeking out information from the federal government can help.