The joy of finding your forever home may quickly turn into a nightmare if you discover a termite infestation.

In Alabama, as the buyer, you must ask about a termite infestation. The seller only needs to notify you about the presence of potentially harmful hazards. After getting stuck with a termite problem, you may wonder what it will truly cost you.

Repairs and treatment

Every situation comes with different results. If you catch it early enough, the treatment and repair cost less. Oftentimes, you may only have cosmetic damage, which may require replacing drywall. An inspection that results in severe damage means structural damage. Termites work their way into the walls and different levels of a home. When that happens, your walls and floors lose their integrity. Those repairs cost thousands of dollars.

Temporary relocation

If your home has a severe case of termites, you will likely have to relocate temporarily during repairs. Depending on the severity, this relocation may last longer than you would like. Since homeowners insurance typically does not cover termite damage, you take on the costs of having to find alternative housing.

Mental toll

Along with monetary costs, termite damage brings hassles and stress. When your home has become an unsafe place to live, you may easily find yourself getting frustrated and distressed. That stress may leak into other aspects of your life.

While you may not have expected termite damage, it requires immediate attention to minimize the damage. Depending on the situation, you may have options to get help in recouping some of the associated costs.