When you come across a home that perfectly suits what you were looking for, you may feel tempted to buy it right away. However, you need to know the property’s history before you fully commit, including whether or not it had a history of termite problems.

Sellers should disclose this information from the start, but that may not always happen. Thus, it is up to you to ask questions that sellers have a legal obligation to answer.

Reasons for repairs

U.S. News reports on the amounts of information disclosed when selling a home. This includes reasons for home repairs. People have many reasons to repair a home throughout its lifespan, ranging from fire damage to water damage. Cracks in the roof, failed storm drains and gutters and improperly sealed windows can all lead to repairs.

So can termite damage. This damage sometimes gets so excessive that a homeowner will replace walls or even entire sections of rooms.

Putting together the clues

Typical home disclosures will describe any and all past renovations a home went through. Even if it does not list termite damage by name, the type of repair history listed could act as a clue. For example, replacement of studs, floorboards and other wooden parts of the home could indicate past infestations.

Under Alabama law, a seller must disclose information related to specific questions asked. If they do not answer properly, they may hold accountability for misrepresentation of the home or obscuring facts. Learning about these facts could potentially save you from investing your hard-earned money into a home that might still have lingering problems.