If you have found the house you wish to buy, one of the many documents you will become familiar with is the Official Alabama Wood Infestation Inspection Report.

What does this report cover—and, equally important, what does it exclude?

About the report

The Wood Infestation Inspection Report you receive if you are planning to purchase a home in Alabama should describe any current or previous termite infestation activity in that property. A qualified inspector must provide the information.

Visible evidence

A financial institution may require the Alabama Wood Infestation Inspection Report as a condition of the sale of the home you wish to buy. The report should detail the visible presence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms.

Items not covered

Emphasis is placed on the term “visible evidence.” Information in the report does not extend to an inspection of inaccessible areas that might contain termite infestations or structural damage resulting from such infestations. This is not a structural damage report. No inspection takes place in any area that requires the removal of components or objects such as floor or wall coverings, siding, insulation or moldings. Similarly, there is no testing for fungi or molds. Also, the firm that conducts the inspection is not responsible for repairing the damage. The buyer is responsible for engaging a building professional to assess the extent of the damage and the need for repair.

A potential claim

Claims that may lead to legal action include a failure on the part of the inspector to perform a proper inspection or even the failure to divulge information about an infestation altogether. As the buyer, you may be due compensation to cover the damage to your property, the cost of repairs and more.