Consuming wood and forming potentially extensive colonies, termites continue to be a major problem for homeowners in Alabama and across the South. This small but voracious pest causes more than $5 billion in property damage every year in the U.S.

Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance companies do not consider termite damage a coverable event. That makes preventative maintenance, including routine inspections, essential for minimizing a potential termite infestation in your home.

Why might your homeowner’s insurance policy not cover termites?

Unlike sudden events, such as a fire, flood or severe weather, insurance companies consider termite and other pest infestations preventable with responsible home maintenance. Even if termites cause extensive damage, you may not be able to use your policy to cover costs.

How can you prevent termite damage?

Staying alert for signs of termites in and around your home is important, especially since these insects are currently spreading in Alabama. However, because they often infest hidden areas of a structure, you may not notice an infestation until it is too late. Scheduling regular preventative inspections with a reputable, licensed pest control company may help to detect termite activity before they do too much damage.

What if you hired a pest control company, but still have termites?

Unfortunately, too often Alabama termite companies fail to perform their due diligence. From fraudulent or misleading wood inspection reports to incomplete inspections or infestation treatments, you may find that your home has suffered severe damage despite your efforts to prevent it.

If the company you hired was negligent in addressing your home’s termite issues, you may be able to receive compensation under the law. In addition to repair costs, compensation may include loss of property value, mental anguish and punitive damages for fraudulent business practices.