Termites can wreak havoc on your home and impact your life in many ways. Knowing just how serious of an issue these pests are can help you prepare for what lies ahead.

If your termite encounter is the doing of a deceptive seller, you may feel shocked and saddened as you continue to discover the damage.

Costly treatments

Because of the pervasive manner in which termites spread, even a minor infestation may cost a pretty penny to eradicate. According to The Home Depot, a few methods may reduce or eliminate an infestation including foam treatments, liquid pesticides and fumigation. However, each of these methods can cost a lot of money and may require repeat treatments for an extended length of time.

The financial toll of paying for treatments can impact your ability to meet other obligations. Especially if you are the victim of a former owner failing to disclose the conditions, you may feel blindsided at the discovery. Depending on the damage the termites have already done, you may need to replace or reinforce structural components of your home which can have a substantial financial impact.

Temporary displacement

Most termite treatments require you to vacate the premises until professionals deem the area safe to resume living in. This may mean you need to find a temporary alternative for housing. The stress of dealing with such problems while also maintaining a career and other obligations may cause significant emotional distress. The disappointment of realizing that your home is not the safe or pest-free environment the sellers claimed it to be can also create angst and frustration.

With an undisclosed problem as serious as a termite infestation, you deserve support and help. Collaborating with an attorney may provide you with the tools and guidance you need to take legal action against those responsible for withholding critical information about your property from you at the time of sale.