When you hire an inspection company to take a look at your home, you will often leave them alone as they do their walk-throughs, expecting them to remain honest and thorough in their inspections.

So what do you do if a pest company you relied on actually ended up pulling the wool over your eyes? Unfortunately, fraudulent pest companies and pest company fraud schemes are not uncommon occurrences, and you should be aware of the red flags.

Door-to-door scams

Angi discusses insect inspection fraud, a rising concern among homeowners everywhere. First, be aware of the free inspection scam. If a pest investigator shows up at your door without you scheduling an appointment first and asks to take a look around the property, they might take the chance to report on problems that do not actually exist.

Unlicensed pest control technicians may also commit inspection fraud. A company may claim to have licensed professionals on board, but this may not mean they will send a licensed professional to your home to run the inspection. In some schemes, only one licensed technician exists on staff, and unlicensed individuals oversee inspections instead.

Long-term contract scams

Then, you have an ongoing or permanent contract scam. This happens when a company claims that you will need multiple treatments to get rid of an underlying problem, even if that is not the case. You could end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for additional examinations and treatments that you do not need.

If you end up falling prey to these schemes, it is possible to seek damages. Consider contacting legal help for further information on how to proceed.