Subterranean termites cause an estimated $1 billion to $7 billion annually in the United States and Alabama residents see their fair share of these pests.

If termites get a good grip on your property, you could experience considerable structural damage, but can you rely on a termite inspector to find an infestation?

About subterranean termites

In terms of states with the worst record of termite damage, Alabama ranks in fourth place behind Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. There are several species of termites, but southern states like Alabama see a lot of subterranean termites that love warm locations with damp, humid environments. A moist crawl space is an example of the kind of “home” these termites enjoy. They eat plant fibers and cellulose in wood. In their quest for food, they can do considerable damage to rubber and plastics, but a colony of termites can consume about a pound of wood a day as the main course.

About termite inspections

If you suspect termite trouble in your home, you want to be sure the termite inspector identifies any problem areas. You do not want to experience structural damage at some point in the future because an inspection failed. Looking into qualifications is important since some inspectors only receive basic training and are not fully tested on subterranean termite infestations.

Potential for compensation

If you face a failed termite inspection, you may qualify for compensation. You may be able to hold the inspection company responsible based on your contract with them. The company might also be liable for any termite damage your home sustains that causes a drop in market value. Subterranean termites are a big problem in Alabama, and you want competent professional help in keeping them away from your home.