Each year, termites swarm many parts of Alabama between about March and May, with the problem often becoming particularly severe within a few weeks of Mother’s Day. In 2019, Mobile residents had to deal with an abundance of these pests.

Per Fox 10, research showed that Mobile’s metro areas saw more termite swarms and termite infestations in 2019 than any other metro area in the United States. While termites are unsightly, they are also harmful, and there is the potential for them to wreak havoc when they enter an Alabama home.

Termite damage

Termites have the potential to have a serious impact on the structural integrity of a home. In severe infestations, termites may cause the roof or walls of a home to collapse. Even if termites do not cause catastrophic structural damage to a home, there is still a high chance that they may cause damage to floors, walls or carpeting.

Sometimes, the damage termites cause is aesthetic. In other cases, it is structural. Regardless of whether termite damage is aesthetic or structural, there is a high possibility that termite damage is going to impact the value of a home.

Termite health hazards

A termite-infested home may also affect the health of its residents. Residents with allergies or sensitivities may face a heightened chance of experiencing health issues related to termites. Termites may also disturb mold or mildew, potentially releasing harmful spores into the air where they may affect anyone living in a home.

Turning lights off at night, or keeping them only dimly lit, may help homeowners lower the chances of a termite infestation.