Exterminating termites takes more than just pouring insecticide on an infested location. That is why exterminators get paid to handle these issues. Unfortunately, just one exterminator cutting corners can cause you big problems.

What can go wrong during a termite extermination? And how can these issues potentially impact your overall health?

Who can you contact?

The Environmental Protection Agency talks about what to do if something goes wrong during the extermination process. First, know that you can register a complaint about the misapplication of any pesticide. You can do this by contacting the pesticide regulatory agency in your state.

You can also contact the National Pesticide Information Center. They have experts on staff ready to answer any question you may have about pesticide application, use and the potential health effects that may stem from them.

Seeking compensation for your health

Of course, you have the option to litigate as well if you hired a professional exterminator who applied pesticide incorrectly. This means taking them to court for any potential health damages, property destruction or overall risks that their incorrect use of pesticide caused.

Note that the improper application of pesticide can have many lasting effects. For example, if soil barriers get placed poorly, it does not prevent termite infestation. Worse yet, this may create a seepage situation where pesticide soaks into ground and well water. This water might supply you or your neighbors with what you drink or use in daily life. Thus, contamination can make members of your family seriously ill.

This can happen with any method of pesticide application done incorrectly. Thus, many people in your shoes have pursued compensation for the damages suffered.