A termite infestation is one of the biggest nightmares a homeowner could face. Not only are they a pest that spreads quickly if left unchecked, but they can cost you thousands of dollars in damage even in the early stages of an infestation.

The best way to ensure your property is termite-free is by calling a professional to look. But there are still some red flags to keep an eye out for that also point toward the possibility of infestations.

Wood damage and paint blistering

Pest World examines potential red flags that you are facing a termite infestation. The most obvious is damage to wood. Termites often eat wood from the inside out, though. By the time you spot damage on the outside, the inside has likely already gotten hollowed out. Instead, look for blistering pieces of wood or knock on wood to listen for echoing noises.

Speaking of blistering, keep an eye out for bubbling or uneven paint, too. This often happens with the presence of moisture behind the paint. Termites or water damage could potentially cause this issue.

Visible traces of termites

Frass is another thing to watch out for. Termites excrete these wood-colored pellets as they eat through wood. Keep an eye out for small piles of these pellets. However, this applies only to drywood termites. For subterranean termites, keep an eye out for mud tubes near the house foundation.

Another visible sign of a termite problem is swarmers or discarded wings. After the last freeze in spring, termites will emerge to reproduce and find new colonies. If you notice swarmers or discarded wings near your property, it could mean they have chosen your home to nest in.