Termites have the potential to wreak havoc on real estate. Known to cause expensive wood, insulation and structural damage, termites may also create health hazards for those with asthma or allergies. For these reasons, ridding your Alabama home of them is critical.

Should you decide to hire a pest control company to rid your home of the termite problem, you may wonder whether you need a termite bond. A termite bond is, in short, an agreement between you and the pest control company that makes certain specifications. Most termite bonds dictate that the company must come to perform future inspections on your property for a set duration and then fix any problems identified during that time. There are two situations that may warrant securing a termite bond.

When you discover a new infestation

Sure; a pest control company may tell you your termite problem is under control, but how do you really know if that is true? A termite bond gives you a backup plan in the event that the pest control company failed to fully rid your home of the termite problem.

When you plan to sell your home

A termite problem often throws a wrench in the works of real estate deals, so eradicating your home of these pests is a necessary part of selling it. You may want to ask the company if the bond is transferable, meaning it covers not only your time in the home but also a part of the new buyers’.

Only authorized pest control companies may issue a termite bond.