As a renter, the threat that termites pose to a residence may have never crossed your mind. For first-time homebuyers, the process of selecting a house and going through with a transaction can be a formidable process. It’s common for homebuyers to first learn about the significance of termite infestations during their house search.

Understand how disclosure and discovery work

Termite control is a persistent issue in Alabama. Over the years, the state has taken some responsibility in its decision to protect homeowners. Buyers need to know what actions can provide protections against existing termite damage when buying their starter home. Learn what the regulations and standards of discovery exist in Alabama:

  • Pesticide companies need to follow state regulations. The Department of Agriculture guides these regulations.
  • Pest control companies in Alabama need to make an initial inspection to show there aren’t any wood-eating insects before they provide treatment.
  • A subsequent treatment must follow the first pesticide treatments.
  • Termite service contracts are often essential for Alabama owners to outline necessary steps for prevention or remediation.
  • Sellers only need to disclose health hazards.
  • Buyers shouldn’t rely only on a seller’s disclosures. A buyer needs to conduct his/her own due diligence in determining preexisting flaws.
  • A buyer should draft a contract that allows for any necessary inspections.
  • Some lenders require a wood infestation report upon closing.
  • The earnest money put down for an offer is placed in an escrow account. The buyer then can walk away from a contract or modify it depending on the inspection outcomes

Protecting the future of your investment

A house may be one of the most significant investments a person will make in their lifetime. Given how infrequent such a transaction is, homebuyers rely on others’ expertise to determine a property’s condition. Homebuyers should learn how to address potential termite issues in a prospective home to protect their investment.