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Termite concerns regarding spray foam insulation

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Spray foam insulation is used for a wide range of things. It has come to play a bigger and bigger role in the repair and construction of homes. In some homes, it used as a low-expense option for insulating walls and ceilings.

Concerns related to termites have arisen in connection to this commonly used material in homes.

Now, these concerns are not centered on the starting of infestations. The spray foam industry has said that their products are not termite attractors or food sources.

Rather, the concerns are that spray foam may have the potential to make the situation worse if an infestation does happen. For one, it has been argued that spray foam could make it easier for termites to get around a home. Also, claims have been made that spray foam can make infestations more difficult to detect.

Owners of homes that have a lot of spray foam in them could also encounter difficulties with the pest control companies they work with, should infestations occur. Spray foam insulation being added to a home is one of the things such companies may claim as grounds to void a pest-control contract.

So, there is the potential for owners of homes in which spray foam insulation has a big presence to encounter complicated issues related to termite infestations. When homeowners run into difficulties with a termite company when it comes to spray-foam-related issues or other issues connected to termite infestations, what they do in response to such difficulties can be very impactful. Skilled termite litigation lawyers can advise homeowners in such situations on their rights and what legal actions could be taken in connection to these rights.

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