Termite Litigation

If you paid for a termite inspection when you bought your house or have contracted with a termite company to take care of a termite problem, but still face an infestation or damage caused by termites, you want a lawyer with experience to help you get full and fair compensation for your losses.

At the law office of The Mims Firm, P.C., we have protected the rights of homeowners in termite litigation since 1985. In our practice, we take great pride in offering a friendly and accessible environment for our clients, while aggressively protecting your interests in litigation. Because of our reputation for client service, many of our cases come from existing or former clients, or in the form of referrals. To schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation, contact our office or call us at 251-272-3761 (toll free at 866-748-2962).

Don't Tackle A Termite Dispute Without Experienced Legal Representation

We aggressively protect the rights of homeowners who have suffered property damage as a result of an improper or incorrect disclosure at the time of purchase, as well as people who have suffered losses because of negligent or wrongful acts by termite companies. You may be entitled to damages to cover not only property damage, but also the costs of new construction, mental anguish and punitive damages if there was willful fraud or recklessness.

When you close on the purchase of a house, you should receive a wood infestation report, which shows any existing damage due to termites. Many of the claims we handle result from a failure to properly inspect the premises at the time of sale. We also represent homeowners against termite companies in actions involving false and misleading wood infestation reports at the time of closing, failure to properly treat an infested home, and a failure to properly treat the soil before construction.

If you have suffered damage due to termite infestation, we will help you get a full inspection of your home, so that we can determine what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. We will contact the termite company to demand payment, or file suit against the seller and/or termite company, if necessary. If the termite company refuses to pay, we are more than capable of presenting your case to a jury, so that the jury may award proper damages.

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